Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Take two...

So, obviously my first attempt at blogging didn't take since it's been 9 months since my last/first entry. So let's try this again...

A lot has transpired over the past 9 months. Hubby has leapt headlong into his own practice. Starting a new business is a slow process, so not getting paid has been a huge adjustment for us, but we have faith that God will provide for all of our needs. Thanks to a budgeting study we recently did with our home group from church, we are still able to manage with my salary and what we have in savings. But, if you know anyone who needs an attorney, point them in our direction!!!

Another huge (and I do mean huge!) development is the impending arrival of our newest daughter. That's right folks, Missy is going to be a big sister and she couldn't be more excited! Let's hope she stays that way when Sissy actually arrives. So we have been hard at work getting the nursery ready and picking up some items we didn't have or need with Missy (swing, pack-n-play, tandem stroller). Time is quickly running out on our days of being a family of three. There is a bittersweet feeling to realize that it won't be just the three of us anymore, but I know that the lifetime of joy that we will all share will quickly drown out any sadness my hormones can conjure up. We can't wait to meet you, Sissy! Only 7 more weeks to go!

Ok, guys and gals, keep your eyes peeled for another entry shortly. I am going to try really hard to keep up with this blog. I've been inspired by the blogs of friends who will someday be able to look back and remember all the mundane (amazing), boring (spectacular), day-to-day (magical) details of their days with their precious babies. Keep me honest, ya'll! If you see me slacking off, remind me. I want to capture all the wonder of this time with the tiny princesses and share it with you!

May God bless you as He has blessed us...beyond belief!

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